Pro Tips: How to Corner – Bike Park Skills Tips

Pro Tips: How to Corner – Bike Park Skills Tips

Posted July 5, 2023

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Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to learn a new bike skill. With multiple bike parks throughout the United States and Canada, including KeystoneWhistlerNorthstar, and Crested Butte, our parks are the perfect place to improve your skills. If you’re ready for a challenge, make sure you’re prepared before tackling the trail with your bike rental. Don’t have a bike yet? Book your bike rental now.

Whether you’re looking to optimize safety on your bike or learn a new trick, our experts are here with expert advice. In our Learn To Corner video, our Whistler bike pro, Derek, breaks down how to tackle a corner. Follow his advice below:

Learning to corner properly is a fundamental skill with bike park riding. Throughout all trail types and difficulties, cornering properly will help you stay in control while carrying momentum throughout the trail. Maintaining speed throughout the corner will allow you to find the right flow of the trail which is important when jumps or other features are next.

Step 1: Use Both Brakes While Upright

When entering a corner, use both brakes to slow yourself down and control your speed while your bike is still upright. This is where your hard braking happens for maximum control.

Step 2: Apply Back Brake Only & Let the Front Wheel Roll Free

If you need to slow down in the corner, use your back brake only and let the front wheel roll free.

Step 3: Bend Your Knees & Twist Your Hips

Throughout the corner, bend your knees and twist your hips in the direction you’re trying to go. This will give you more room to angulate your bike!

Just as you would with any other bike ride, ensure you have the right safety accessories and essentials before hitting the trail. Our Best Essentials for Every Bike Ride blog provides a great breakdown to prepare you for your next ride?

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