Edwin Espinoza EMR Employee Photo for Newsletter

Meet Edwin

What makes you an expert at what you do?

We get many customers that walk into a rental shop with concerns, since it’s their first time learning how to ski or snowboard. Watching that customer gain a boost of confidence and excitement throughout the rental process is a sight to see!

I aim to provide excellent customer service to everyone, and having your customer go out of their way to find you, and let you know how great all the equipment was, let’s me know I’m doing great at my job. I think what makes me an expert at what I do, is having an extensive knowledge of our rental equipment and offering the right equipment, based on the customer’s needs.

Favorite story/memory from working in your role?

One of my favourite memories from working in my role was setting up a little girl that was very quiet in communicating if her boots and helmet felt ok. She didn’t seem interested in trying the equipment and kept looking down at her feet, and I could sense the stress on both parents, wondering if she’ll enjoy the experience. After sitting on the floor next to her and trying on a boot myself, she instantly started playing around with her boot buckles, watching what I was doing. Moving on to her helmet sizing, I placed it on my head and asked if it fit ok, she laughed and shook her head no, letting me know how silly it must have looked on my head. She was very accepting to try on the helmet afterwards. The following day she was walking by, waved with excitement, and held up her unicorn stuffed animal to show me.

The parents seemed very happy to be sending her out for the first lesson. Seeing pure excitement on her face for the next few days, on her way to and from her lesson, will always be imprinted in my mind, knowing she now has a love for skiing!

Anything else that makes you awesome that you want to share?

What makes me awesome is having the support from my fellow co-workers, and my manager Lexie, which pushes me daily to succeed! It’s so easy to want to stay in a community for as long as you can, when the ones around you make you enjoy every second of the experience!