Posted January 18, 2024

That Feel-Good Fit from Smartwool


Meet the original stay-out-longer ski and snowboard socks. For over 25 years, Smartwool has been pushing the boundaries of Merino to create smarter, more capable socks to support all your adventures. The best ski socks not only make a difference in your comfort but can improve your overall experience in the mountains. From cushioning levels to different heights and patterns, you can dial your socks to your exact preference. Experience Smartwool’s perfect fit and naturally performing Merino wool to help keep your feet comfortable from first tracks to last chair.

Merino Matters
At the heart and soul of every Smartwool® Ski and Snowboard sock is an amazing fiber: Merino wool. It is the best fiber available to pair with your ski or snowboard boots. Merino Ski socks manage moisture better than cotton, are smarter than synthetics and are more comfortable in all weather conditions. Plus, Merino wool ski socks don’t itch like traditional wool. Merino wool is the key ingredient in almost every item we make. It's soft, manages moisture, regulates temperature, and resists odors. 

Proper Fit & Function
There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to the best ski and snowboard socks. Wearing socks that are too big causes bunching around the heels and toes, which could result in blisters. Wearing socks that are too tight cut off important circulation to your feet, causing them to get cold quickly! With our 4-Degree™ Elite Fit system, Smartwool® socks hug your feet snugly, leaving no room for excess material but just enough room that you can wiggle your toes freely.

Breathability is essential for all day comfort. Think about it: your foot is trapped inside a boot for hours on end, so to keep your feet dry from perspiration, we designed our ski and snowboard socks with activity-specific mesh zones located on the top of the foot to increase breathability.

Did you know gender-specific fits exist? There are distinct anatomical differences between men's and women’s feet, which means their socks should be created differently. We’ve designed our Women’s Ski and Snowboard socks with a slimmer heel pocket and overall narrower profile, plus women’s specific mesh ventilation zones. No shrink it and pink it here!

New for this winter season, Smartwool has even more inclusive fit options to offer within this ski and snow sock category – now introducing Extra Stretch Calf Fit styles for greater stretch and comfort that accommodates fuller calves.  Designed off our traditional fit and styling, these additional style options provide 20% more stretch in the calf area which allows for greater comfort and a more precise fit for fuller calves without sacrificing a stay-in-place fit. Standard ski and snow socks will typically accommodate calf circumference of up to 16.5 inches, and now with Extra Stretch Calf Fit styles, Smartwool’s ski and snow socks offer a calf circumference of up to 21 inches.  

Durability Counts
Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior or hitting the slopes for the first time, we know your socks will go through some serious force. That’s why our Ski and Snowboard socks feature Indestructawool™ technology. This construction in the heel and toe of the socks enhances durability without sacrificing comfort.

Plus, our Ski & Snowboard socks also feature our Shred Shield™ anti-wear technology. It significantly increases the durability in the toe area of our socks by helping to reduce wear and tear from toenails, meaning you can count on these socks to hold up season after season.

Customize Your Cushion
Thicker isn’t always better – that’s why we offer a wide variety of cushion levels from minimal to more cushion for different needs on the slopes. Each level of cushion offers its own unique advantage. Once you know all the options, you can choose one that best suits your own needs.

- Zero Cushion Non-cushioned for a close fit in new or tight-fitting performance boots.

- Targeted Cushion: Light cushion made to protect the shin and provide a dialed fit in performance boots.

- Full Cushion: Abundantly cushioned shin and foot for ultimate warmth and impact protection.

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