Plan Your Perfect Ride: Finding the Terrain to Match Your Style

Posted on April 23, 2024

Family Bike Ride Through Crested Butte

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So you've decided to explore on two wheels – fantastic choice! But with all these scenic routes and winding paths, where do you even begin? The key to an enjoyable ride lies in matching your cycling style with the right terrain. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a wide selection of rental bikes for every age and ability level. Let's break down some popular options:

Gearing Up for a Challenge: Mountain Bike Trails and Bike Parks

  • Ideal for: Riders seeking an adrenaline rush and technical terrain while maintaining comfort and control. 

  • Terrain: From single-track trails with roots and rocks to challenging climbs, descents, and this is where mountain biking shines.

  • Rental recommendation: Our downhill mountain bikes are built for thrill seekers - ideal for steep terrain with a robust suspension system, heavy duty tires and strong frames. From beginner to advanced riders, we have a variety of downhill models to choose from: Demo, Premium and Standard.

  • NEW to Epic Mountain Rentals: Our brand new enduro bikes are great both in and out of the bike park, combining the capability of a downhill bike with the nimbleness of a trail bike. 


Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Easy Off-Road Trails

  • Ideal for: Families with older children or adventurous groups looking for a taste of nature.

  • Terrain: Choose well-maintained, crushed gravel paths or designated "easy" mountain bike trails. These offer a change of scenery from the pavement but are still suitable for most riders.

  • Rental recommendation: Our selection of trail bikes is available for all ages and ability levels, offering full suspension to conquer bumpy conditions. 

E-bikes: Explore Further, Effortlessly

  • Ideal for: Riders seeking a fun and convenient way to explore more trails, those who are new to cycling or getting back into it, and anyone who wants to enjoy the scenery without feeling winded on climbs.

  • Terrain: E-bikes can comfortably handle a wider variety of terrain than you might expect. They're perfect for paved paths, bike lanes, and even well-maintained gravel roads. 

  • Rental recommendation: Opt for an electric bike with a battery-powered motor to assist with pedaling, making it easier to reach your desired destination with less effort.

Cruising Comfort: Paved Paths and Bike Lanes

  • Ideal for: Casual riders, families, and anyone seeking a relaxed sightseeing experience. Perfect for beginner and intermediate riders. 

  • Terrain: Look for dedicated bike paths, paved greenways, or quiet streets with bike lanes. These offer smooth surfaces and minimal traffic, perfect for enjoying the scenery and conversation.

  • Rental recommendation: Our comfortable recreational path bikes are the best way for the whole family to explore paved or wide dirt trails.



Remember: Safety first! Always wear a helmet, follow designated trails, and be aware of your surroundings.

Ready to hit the road (or trail)? Book a bike from our rental selection online or drop into an Epic Mountain Rentals location today. Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect bike for your chosen terrain, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable ride!

*Bike types and selection are subject to store availability. Online bookings are recommended.